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Crisp & Clean Interface Design

Visually appealing design services with your product in mind.
  • State of the art design.
  • Brand and product focussed.
  • Customer friendly.

We build clean and crisp interfaces that are in keeping with current trends and your brand. This allows your message to be heard.

Current design trends, with simplicity.


No surprises, we deliver on-time and on-budget.
  • Initial consultation to agree design.
  • All projects built on WordPress.
  • Final review & customer sign-off.

Early project related discussion to establish the project foundation. Built on top of award winning WordPress platform until customer satisfaction. We are a consumer focussed company.

Value Driven Services

A quality product at a fair price offering a full spectrum service utlising latest web technologies.
  • Experienced design team.
  • Services that lead to results.
  • Get your message to a target audience.

Pixel Coder deliver services that lead to results. We can increase your company turnover and expose your message to a desired audience.

Relationship building with you as a customer, working together, to deliver a quality and exceptional product.

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